Top tips for keeping your home smelling lovely

A while ago I purchased some new oils to help me make my home smell as lovely as it looks and wish I had done it sooner.  The oils were in a diffuser and spread around my house, people who have visited have said that my home smells amazing.

This made me think about other, natural ways for make my house smell fabulous and I did some research which lead me to find easy and cheap ways to create scents around the home.  They are all very easy to do and particularly affordable.

Creating scents around your homeScents in your home

A diffuser is always good because you just have to top up with water and pop a few essential oils into the container.  When you switch it on it gives out a mist that carries the beautiful smells of the oils throughout the whole house.

Not everyone has a diffuser of course so here are some other ways of replicating the process.  Simply pour four ounces of water into a small spray bottle and add around ten or fifteen drops of your preferred essential oil into it to use as a spray for your rooms.  Lavender is a very calming oil and a natural oil.  There are other more zingy oils though such as orange, lemon and tangerine, even grapefruit! They really freshen up your home.

To breathe freshness into your bathroom you can use a cotton swab and splash some essential oil onto it.  Put it inside your tissue paper or even behind the loo bowl for a much more pleasant bathroom experience.

Unpleasant smelling bins are a problem for most of us. No one wants to breathe in last night’s leftovers.. All you have to do to banish these pesky odours is pop some orange, lemon or lime peels into the offensive bin to get rid of the smell within minutes. Simple yet very effective.

To drift into a wonderfully relaxing sleep try dipping a cotton ball into lavender or chamomile and put it into your pillow case.  This will result in a delicate and soothing fragrance, helping you to sleep peacefully.

Unwanted carpet smells

Carpets can pick up a whole host of unwanted smells.  To make some beautiful smelling carpet deodoriser you just mix half a cup of borax and half a cup of baking soda with some essential oils and sprinkle onto the carpets, Leave the powder to work for a few minutes then hoover up.  The powder will not only pick up more hairs and dirt when you hoover but will also spread a fresh and light smelling scent in your home.

You can even freshen up your car, somewhere that is often overlooked but somewhere we tend to spend a lot of time.  To do this just get some fabric and add twenty or thirty drops of whichever essential oil you prefer and put it anywhere in your car.  Obviously the more drops you add the stronger the smell so depending on your preference, you can personalise

Potpourri has been popular for years and to make your own just simmer some herbs and lemon in a pan of water of the stove for a few minutes.  You will soon smell some fresh and uplifting odours drifting through your home.

Another common complaint is the beloved cats cat litter tray.  It doesn’t always smell fresh does it? Well simply pop some loose tea leaves in with the litter and say goodbye to that awful smell.

Why not give these DIY home fresheners a go?  When you walk into your wonderful smelling home and you’ll wish you’d known about these tips before! Better still book with us to give you a deep clean and carpet clean which will also have your home smelling fresh and inviting.