Why should you get professionals to do your end of tenancy cleaning?

An end of tenancy cleaning service can be ideal for your next tenants. Cleaning at the end of a tenancy is extremely important nowadays and is almost considered an essential part of any type of residential tenancy.  The demand for renting properties often outstrips supply so it is imperative that the tenants in the property make sure that they reduce the risk of having their deposits deducted when they leave the place. Unfortunately some landlords have got a reputation of finding fault with the slightest thing and withholding deposits as a result. To reduce that risk a cost effective way of ensuring you get your deposit back is to do a thorough end of tenancy cleaning.

Before employing someone to do your end of tenancy cleaning, make sure you do the following:

1) It is essential that you read the contract you signed when you took out the tenancy in relation to cleaning.  If the place you rented was domestically cleaned before you moved in then a domestic clean should suffice for when you move out – as long as you leave it in the same condition as when you moved in.  Read the tenancy agreement paying particular attention to the words around a domestic or professionally cleaned condition. If you rented the property which had been professionally cleaned then it will need to be professionally cleaned when you leave, clearly costing you more money. Whilst a professional clean by the cleaner of your choice may mean you have to spend your hard earned cash, it will definitely be less than what your landlord would charge you.

2) If you find that you did indeed enter a professionally cleaned flat, it is best to employ a good cleaning company to do all the cleaning for you such as Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services. It’s always recommended, as with any quote, to get more than one and make them realise you need a professional clean. This is very different from a domestic clean.  A domestic clean will be thorough but a professional clean will be on a totally different level.

In essence, an end of tenancy cleaning service should include;

  1. a) All areas of the property will be cleaned, with no rubbish or any other left overs. The property should be ready for the next tenant to move into. If the landlord has to get rid of some of your property or rubbish, they will charge you for doing this which will reduce the amount of your deposit you get back.
  2. b) All the appliances should be thoroughly cleaned. This includes ovens, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, extractor fans, dishwashers and washing machines. The insides and outsides need to be immaculate, sparkling and clean.
  3. c) Importantly, the bathroom and toilet should also be thoroughly cleaned with no sign of lime scale, grime, mould, or other soiling. Any issues such as mould that were noted at the start of your tenancy should have been documented to ensure you aren’t blamed when you leave. However we all know that problems arise over time and although it may seem unfair, it is your responsibility to make sure they are dealt with.

Finally, the floors need scrubbing and the carpets need a proper clean, preferably, although not necessarily a deep clean.  Some carpets may just need hoovering but if you have left a stain, make sure this is got rid of before our landlord starts taking your money away from your dwindling deposit. The same goes for all the other soft furnishings, sofas, curtains etc.

At the end of the day a little investment could save you a lot of money when the landlord comes round to view the condition you have left the property in, not to mention all the time you will have saved yourself doing all the work yourself!

The same of course goes for landlords.  Contact Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services to clean your property before your next tenant moves in, you are ensuring that it will be left in the same condition when they leave.  It also makes your property look far more appealing to a potential tenant and ensure you get a good reputation, essential in the hard world of property rentals. A property that is spotlessly clean can also command a higher rent so it really does pay to get a professional involved!