Clean up Before You Start Again with End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning the BathroomIf you’re just starting out as a landlord or if you’ve been letting out properties for some time, it is either way very likely that you have already considered what will happen when your current tenants move out and move on.  Rental properties are, all being well, set up to be a revolving door of tenancies – meaning that once one set of tenants has moved on, you’ll be getting ready to find more.  Picking up again straight after the departure of one team of tenants isn’t as easy as it may seem – after all, there are going to be a few cleaning and set-up needs which you are going to need to attend to before you can start putting things back on the market.

Make Sure You are Prepared for the Worst

All being well, you may already have a clause in place to ask your tenants to clean your property thoroughly before they vacate – however, things don’t always go to plan, even if it means threatening to keep a security deposit!  In the event of tenants leaving a property dirty, or even damaged, you are going to need to have a contingency plan in place in some form or another to make sure that you can bounce back and get your flat or house back on the market again and ready to show to new people.  You could undertake much of the cleaning yourself if everything is left in a state that it needs attending to right away – or, even better, you could hire someone to give everything a thorough inspection and clean, ready for you to start looking for potential new tenants to take things over.

Hire a Cleaner You can Trust

Sams Cleaning and Ironing Services work with a wide variety of cleaning specialists to tackle all manner of cleaning and home care needs – and our end of tenancy cleaning services are perfect for anyone who is looking at letting their property back out to new tenants sooner rather than later.  From carpets to walls, fitted units to furniture and windows, our brilliant experts can attend your property to bring the best out of it when things may have been left in a less than marketable state.  Even when you have experienced tenants who are respectful and tidy, there may still be a need for you to get everything looking brand new again – and we’re here to cast experienced eyes over rooms of all shapes and sizes to make sure you can start letting out again as soon as possible.

End of tenancy cleaning is a must if you have experienced a long-term tenancy or if you’d simply like to breathe new life into your property before re-letting.  We’re also here to help if your tenants have left things in a less than marketable state – just call us today on 07712 227517 or email us with your details and needs and we can be along to inspect, clean and bring everything back up to code and sparkling brilliance in no time.