Cleaning up after the festive season

BroomOnce the festive season has come and gone, let’s face it – no one really likes getting back into the swing of things straight away.  For many people it means returning to work all too soon in the New Year, and for even more of us, it means taking stock of our finances, our health and even the state of our homes.  Christmas is a time where we welcome in presents by the bucketload – but never really seem to account for where to put all those lovely new gifts!

There’s also the matter of the festive period being a time for family and relaxation – while you’ve no doubt knuckled down for the Christmas dinner and have cleared away much of the pots and pans, there’s still the matter of getting your home straight and ship-shape again once Aunt Maude has said her goodbyes on New Year’s Day.  It’s unbelievable how much a home can change from before the festive season to afterwards – and while many people like to crack on with spring and domestic cleaning as soon as the tree, the tinsel and more have come down, for many others it simply isn’t that simple.

The Solution

If you’re working full time or are responsible for your family, it’s hard enough to keep tabs on a clean and safe home at the best of times – but following Christmas and New Year, it can be even harder!  Festive celebrations are often ‘organised chaos’ – unless, of course, you welcome complete and utter chaos into your lives for two weeks at your discretion!  Regardless of where you stand on celebrating – where it’s a quiet one or something of a party-filled fortnight – none of us really feel like tidying up and decluttering straight away.  This much is true.

This, fortunately, is where a cleaning expert can come in handy.  Hiring a cleaner of household help to tackle some of the chores and decluttering that need to take place in the New Year is a fantastic way to break down the jobs that you simply don’t have time to handle.  Menial chores such as washing, ironing, vacuuming and more all need to start back up again as they were in the run-up to Christmas – and getting back into the swing of things can be particularly hard if you’ve had a week or two enjoying the run-up to the end of the year.

Finding help in the home

This is all the more reason to seek out and hire a fantastic cleaning professional for your home – and Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services are always only too happy to help you find a mutually beneficial partnership for both homes and cleaners – whatever the season may be!  Our cleaners are experienced, affordable, friendly and reliable – our agency prides itself on genuinely self-starting, hard-working people who will take any irksome chores off your hands to give you more time to hit the gym in the New Year!

You don’t have to tackle household tasks alone this January – why not see if you can find the perfect fit in a cleaner from Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing?  Call us today on 07712 227517 or take a closer look at our personnel via our website!