Keeping your house clean from pets

Running puppyHaving pets doesn’t mean that your house has to feel or smell like pets. If you have pets you already know what it is like to live with gobs of hair, wonderfully scented sofas and the ever so popular marks on the carpets. Being animal lovers we get used to this and frankly don’t even realise most of the time that our home smells like a kennel. Don’t want to spend your entire day cleaning, know how to clean up in the easiest way possible.

Here are some tips you don’t want to miss

Cleaning up your pets and creating a healthy environment for you and your entire family can be easy. The tips below will help you to create a fresh new home place.

Brushing and bathing-Brushing your pets regularly are very important in order to reduce the amount of hair in the air and on the ground. You need to brush your pets on a regular basis. If the hair is on the brush, then it’s not on the floor. Giving a bath to your pet is also helpful to remove the dirt and excess hair of your pet.

Keep your furniture’s clean-Next start with removing animal hair from your furniture. The best way is by using a standard vacuum cleaner with the side attachment; simply guide it along the furniture until all the hair is gone. A common lint roller will also do the trick.

Get rid of the odor-Pets smell is another big problem of having a pet. You can easily remove the odor with any common disinfectant spray along with a scented candle or automatic spray. You’ll notice the room smells much, much better.

mucky dogStop muddy paws at the door-Place mats at both the outside and inside of every door. They really help cut the dirt down. Be sure to get a washable mat. Another way to keep the mud out is pet wipes. It only takes a few seconds and you’ll be amazed to see how much dirt comes off your pet’s paws when they come in.

Disinfect-Removing surface bacteria will remove lingering odors. A high quality sanitizer can kill more than 99% of germs, even cold and flu viruses. Many of them can be used on any surface in your home.

Pet bedding– Invest in a bed for your pets to give them a main location. When a pet learns to enjoy their bed, the area around that bed becomes their space, and they are more likely to stay in that location. When properly trained, a pet will rest in their bed more often, which means less time spent on your furniture.


Well now you know a lot of crucial things for keeping your house clean from pets, but you may not have enough time or sometimes we lazily keep things for later. And when we want a fresh start its hard to begin. Why not get some help? For any domestic cleaning and support with keeping your home fresh, tidy and sparkling clean, call Sam’s Cleaning Services today on 07712 227517 and we will be more than happy to breathe new life into your home at your convenience.