Keeping your House Clean in the Cold Weather

Rain Droplets

From water or snow, to sludge and mud, the colder months can bring a whole new level of maintenance to our homes. We know it can be a nightmare to keep your house clean, with muddy footprints continuously appearing around the house.

The weather can bring many other worries and stresses, so you don’t need to be worrying about cleaning your house everyday too! Here at Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services, we can ensure that your house is spotless, with our domestic cleaning services.

How to Reduce the Mess that Weather brings

There are measures you can take to reduce mess, and at Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services we want to help you!

Sink Cleaning

Firstly, stop messy footsteps in their track. Ensure you have a mat both on the outside of your door (so people can wipe their feet before entering) as well as inside (just to make sure!). This will stop the majority of the grime getting into your house.

Also have a shoe rack right next to your front door (this may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have one). Try to get one that is raised off the floor, this way there is no chance of the mess still getting onto your nice clean floor or carpet.

When people come into your home with outwear on, they are often bringing water, mud or worse into your home. Encourage people to take of their coats at your front door by having coat hooks, this will prevent mess entering the rest of your home.

Get professional help

It’s hard enough managing to juggle your daily routine, whether it’s work or family that takes up the most of your time. We want to take some of the stress off you, which is why here at Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services, we have a team of professional and experienced cleaners who know how to handle your cleaning needs. No job is too big or too small for our team – as long as it helps you!

To book one of our professional cleaners, whether it is ongoing or as a one off, get in contact with Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services on 07712227517 today.