Struggling to get back into the cleaning spirit?  Sam’s Cleaning can help!

Dining Table set for partyThe hardest time of year to get into cleaning, tidying and all the old chores isn’t the festive period – it’s directly afterwards.  While Christmas and New Year is certainly home to a fair amount of traffic from friends and family alike, there’s much to be said for the effort that can be involved in terms of cleaning up once the festivities are over.  On top of this, there’s nothing quite like mountains of cleaning and tidying to add to those post-Christmas blues – an extremely cheery thought, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Get your place cleaned up this New Year

New Year can be a great time to really get into making a few changes, and this can certainly go for your cleaning routine, too.  Everyone wants their homes to look fantastic and this just isn’t possible 24/7 – especially if you’re having to pick up the pieces after a particularly heavy festive period, and especially if you’re expected back in work on the 2nd January – or even sooner!  How on Earth can you be expected to find the time to get that all-important spring clean up and running a few months early?  While you can certainly make a little bit of effort if you’re working all hours, you may find that you hardly make a dint if there’s a fair amount to clean up on after Christmas and New Year.

Let our professional cleaners do the work

Clean wine glass on clean dining table

This where we come in – let us help you push back the clutter and clean those hard to reach spots when you simply don’t have the time or energy to get to them yourself.  If you’re looking after a big family but have barely enough time to think about vacuuming the spare bedroom, our fabulous cleaners and professionals can help.  We act as an agency for hundreds of talented cleaning staff throughout our region, providing mutually beneficial relationships for homeowners rushed off their feet and talented tidyers who are always eager to help.  Whether you are on the lookout for a long-term cleaner or someone who can attend your home ad hoc, take a look through our catalogue of staff who are just waiting for you to give them a call.

Don’t let your cleaning fall behind

Tidying up after the New Year rush can be a real pain – and that goes for all the major chores such as washing, ironing and more besides, too.  While you may not have time to make sure that your home is sparkling from top to bottom, there’s no reason why you should let your rooms and chores fall further and further behind – let someone willing and always on hand to help come in and give you the support you need, whether long or short term.  Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services are proud to represent genuinely helpful staff who are always happy to help!

Get in touch with us

Call Sams Cleaning and Ironing Services today on 07712 227517 to learn more, or do send us an email with any specific queries or needs you may have at your convenience – get ahead of the New Year tidy-up before it’s too late!