Revealing the biggest carpet cleaning myths and why you need a professional carpet cleaner

You may not notice it but your carpet is what makes a house a home, it reflects your style, uplifts the room and keeps your feet warm on those cold winter nights, so surely it’s your job (or a professional carpet cleaners) to keep it looking great. As a run-down carpet can make the rest of your house look rather run-down.

The carpet you have in your home is probably one of the things that’s going to stick around the longest, so keeping it well maintained is a must. However, there’s many myths surrounding carpet cleaning, and you should know the best ways to do this whilst leaving those internet myths in the dust.

1. Should you wait as long as possible to clean your carpet, maintaining that new look?

One myth that keeps some people holding off from cleaning their carpet, is the idea that a fresh wash will deteriorate that new look and leave you with a harsh feeling floor, lacking its past softness. Although like many myths, they’re from times ago where we didn’t have the methods that we do now. Previous methods left the carpet too wet and caused residue materials to rise to the surface, leaving a dirty look when finished. However, we now have water extraction methods that your professional carpet cleaner such as Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services will be able to use, and make your carpet look better than ever.

Professional carpet cleaning in the home2. I use my own carpet cleaning brand, I don’t need a professional carpet cleaner, do I?

Don’t be ashamed, a lot of people see their cleaning products removing the small stains and spills and think that it’s enough, it does help keep your floor clean but in the long run, you’re going to need something more. A professional carpet cleaning service is what’s really needed between the incidental mishaps to ensure that your carpet is really getting the treatment it needs.


The carpet cleaning equipment you can buy from the store simply doesn’t possess enough suction or power to remove the dirt within the depths of your carpet without damaging the material you loved when you first felt it. This is why a leading carpet cleaner is often needed to keep the carpet as clean as when it was produced without damaging the material, as the methods and equipment they use will far surpass what can be found in the consumer-grade carpet cleaning products.

3. I’ve tried steam cleaning and wet cleaning, but I’ve heard dry cleaning is best?

If you’ve heard this is the right way to go, in terms of maintaining your carpet, you’ve been hearing wrong. For the regular home owner, steam or wet cleaning is by far the best way to go as dry cleaning will result in left over residue which steam cleaning wont. The myth of dry cleaning beats all, comes from inexperienced people in the industry who are believing the wrong ideas. That doesn’t mean dry cleaning is bad however, if you know an experienced carpet cleaner who can do the job properly, dry cleaning can in fact be one of the best methods to a good, thorough clean.

So have you changed your mind on what is considered a ‘good clean’ maybe, and are you now considering bringing in a professional carpet cleaner to do the job for you whilst you relax? If so, why don’t you contact Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services for more details on 07712 227517 and see how you can get your carpet professionally cleaned.