all purpose Cleaning window cleaningSix things you need to Know about All-Purpose Cleaning

As experts in All-Purpose Cleaning and having built up years in all manner of household tidying, cleaning, dusting and clearing, our team at Sam’s Cleaning Services have learned more than a thing or two about what works best when it comes to getting the best results during a regular clean, or even during a more comprehensive and deeper scrub.  It’s important to know that, while all-purpose cleaning products may seem perfect in that they offer all the solutions you need in one handy spray bottle, there are a few things you should bear in mind before placing such products on a pedestal.


All-Purpose Cleaning Tips

We’ve come up with a number of things we think everyone should know about household cleaners – good and bad – before putting any number of branded products to the test.

  • They are superb for quick, daily cleaning on a multitude of surfaces. The big selling point of all-purpose cleaners is that they are sold as a one-job fits all – that they will tackle many jobs in your home, and that you can simply pick up the bottle, spray, and wipe down.
  • However, they do not necessarily clean every surface or floor in your home. It is essential that you always check the label of any product you use, as not every supposed ‘catch-all’ spray can cater for more sensitive surfaces.
  • They are easy to use, and consolidate a number of different products into one handy bottle. This means less hassle with a number of different products for different jobs.
  • However, they cannot be depended upon to necessarily tackle all levels of cleaning. This means that harder dirt, staining or grime may take an additional amount of effort or even a different grade of cleaning product to ensure that the job is completed.
  • The consolidation of several products into one bottle saves on space, time and effort. Certainly, this is a big selling point – as many people simply don’t like the clutter!
  • All-purpose cleaners may not be as free from chemicals as you may believe. It is always, again, worth checking product labels – as many cleaners contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia – meaning that you will likely be safer with a more pure or dilute solution elsewhere.

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