Top tips on ironing shirts and trousers

For many people, ironing shirts and trousers can be a real chore – and there are a number of items of clothing that many find particularly aggravating in de-creasing on a regular basis!  Among these are shirts and trousers – who would have thought that clothes could be made to be so awkward for ironing? Worry not – as experienced cleaners and housekeepers, we know a trick or two to help get the task of ironing the wrinkles out of your best shirts and trousers ready for work in no time.


Ironing ShirtsShirts can be particularly tricky if you don’t know the shortcuts when ironing – and we speak for many people when we say that buttons are hardly our best friends when we’re trying to get our work shirts and blouses looking their best!  Ironing shirts needn’t be a hassle nor a logic puzzle, however – in fact, it’s fairly simple when you look at it from a certain angle.

Ironing a shirt should be a quick and easy job when done right – and it’s essential that you start with the sleeves.  Are you constantly annoyed by them flip-flopping all over the place when you’re trying to get a shirt ironed properly?  Get them out of the way first – otherwise, you could risk wrinkling up the rest of the shirt if they’re the last on the list.  Always make sure you open up as much of the shirt as possible and lay it out flat – even the cuffs and the collar – while you may be used to seeing them done up or laid out in a certain way, the absolute quickest way around ironing a shirt is to open it up and to lay it out nice and simple.

Always make sure that you let a shirt cool down after ironing – as you could well encourage more wrinkles and an undoing of your hard work if you wear it straight away.


Ironing TrousersAs no two pairs of trousers are the same, there may not be a hard and fast way to ensuring that all trousers are quickly catered for in the ironing department – but it’s always important to remember that pressure is the key for dealing with trouser ironing, not the movement of the iron itself – and this is especially key if you’re trying to create or maintain a crease.

If your trousers should possess a crease, creating one is easy – a trouser crease should be as far removed from the seams on a pair of trousers as possible – making it easier for you to find its ideal location.  Certain trousers such as jeans don’t need a central crease, making the job even easier – just apply gentle pressure throughout and give as much time as you can to allow them to cool down.  With trousers, it’s all about pressing!

If you’re looking for help with ironing or don’t have the time to dedicate to housework and chores alike, Sam’s Cleaning and Ironing Services can help you find a reliable and affordable home assistant to help tackle the jobs that you can’t.  Call us today on 07712 227517 or contact us via web form for more information at your convenience!